CNC Shadowboards

Shadowboards are CNC manufactured trays of Expanded Polyethylene foam, which provide effective means of tool control and/or materials handling. Contrasting foam colours allow simple at-a-glance checking while each cavity is profiled to match individual tools using our up-to-date CAD/CAM facility. Low cost set up allows for small production runs while larger volumes are easily handled.

Toolkit trays can be tailored to the exact job requirements incorporating all tools and equipment in one simple and easy to use kit. Contrasting foam colours allow users to quickly and easily identify missing items.

Clear layout allows operators to complete jobs quickly with the correct tools and equipment contained in one easy to use kit.

Shadowboard use reduces tool replacement costs by instantly highlighting tool misplacement by the operator.

Ensures tools are protected from damage during storage and transit.

Promote your business image by using foams that enhance your corporate colours.

In order to create your custom foam inserts we need to know the overall pad size required, the dimensions of each item to be included and how they are to be arranged in the foam insert. Once we receive all the information we will contact you with a quotation and lead time.

You can use the following methods to obtain all the information required:

  • Draw around the objects and post us the template: Lay the objects onto a piece of cardboard, or sheets of paper taped together allowing approx 10mm between each item. Trace around the perimeter of each item and mark on the depth required for each section. Then all you have to do is post it over to us.
  • Measure the items and sketch out a dimensioned drawing to email or post. The drawing needs to include each straight line, angle and radius so we can redraw it accurately on our CAD system.
  • Email a CAD file (dxf files preferred): We use this as the basis for our machine programming and the foam insert will be cut to your exact specification. The dxf files still need to have depths noted for each cavity.
  • Send us all the items for us to measure, along with a photo of the preferred layout. This is the simplest way - let us do all the work, all you have to do is get the parts to us. This option eliminates the possibility of mistakes with measuring and drawing and we can ensure an accurate fit for each item. Once the foam insert is made we will check the fit and send all the items back to you. We understand that you may be hesitant about sending you important equipment to a company you don’t know so please phone us prior to sending it and we can talk you through the process.

Tips to remember:
Finger access channels may be required for removing the tools from the insert.

A gap of approx 10mm need to be left between items to ensure stability of separating walls.

Leave a gap of approx 20mm from the outer edge.

We may adjust the layout slightly to increase overall protection for items (all changes would be advised).

Shadowboards: Multi-colour foam inserts for tool trays and tool cabinet storage
Shadowboards: Multi-colour foam inserts for tool trays and tool cabinet storage
Shadowboards: Multi-colour foam inserts for tool trays and tool cabinet storage
Shadowboards: Multi-colour foam inserts for tool trays and tool cabinet storage