Sealblend eaves and ridge fillers

The requirement for Sealblend Foam Fillers comes from the need to make thin sheet metal strong enough to be used as an economic means of roofing and cladding industrial buildings. This is done by shaping the material resulting in increased strength and stability. As a consequence of the profiling, gaps are created between the sheet and the purlins, and between the sheet and flashings at the ridge. If these gaps were not filled, small birds would gain access to the building, dust and dirt may blow inside and possibly most importantly, it would not be wind or watertight. Strong winds could cause the sheets to loosen if fillers were not properly situated and fixed, and may make the roof unstable.

Paulamar have been in the business of manufacturing eaves and ridge foam fillers longer than any other company in the UK today and the range of profiles and the cumulative experience of the management and staff is second to none. Sealblend Foam Fillers are manufactured in high quality PE (Expanded Polyethylene), EPDM faced polyethylene and EPDM. The materials used for manufacture are closed cell and cross linked foam. Sealblend Foam Fillers can be supplied to suit any profile and all applications. Fire Stop Blocks, Fire Stop Strip and joint filling Polycord are also available.

Paulamars Sealblend Foam Fillers are an economic means of filling the gaps created by the profiled metal roof sheeting and cladding, and can be manufactured to suit any profile.

Ventilated Fillers: designed to allow a restricted flow of air and thereby help avoid internal condensation build up. Various styles of venting are available from simple v-notches to plastic ferrule inserts.

Angle Cut Fillers: Paulamar manufacture Sealblend Foam Fillers to suit sheets mitred for roof hips and gable ends. Usually a drawing or sketch is all that is required to enable the filler dimensions to be calculated.

Factory Applied Butyl Mastic Sealant or Self Adhesive tape may be added to enable easy fitment and joint sealing.

Sealblends Ridge Fillers
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Sealblends Fillers
Sealblends Fillers