Fire stop materials

Fire Stop Blocks and Strip are made from high density rock wool and have been designed specifically to prevent the passage of smoke and flames for up to four hours through voids created by metal cladding systems, on the top of partition walls under soffits etc.

Although normally incorporated into the building during the construction fire stops can be retro-fitted. They are permanently held in place by compression without the need for adhesive or intumescent mastic. Fire Stop Blocks and Strip can be supplied to suit any profile and all applications.

Fire Stops are used to seal apertures between different building elements, such as those created by profiled metal decking crossing a dividing wall.

Fire Stop Blocks are used within profiled metal clad buildings when a fire-break wall is required.

Reduce flanking transmission of sound through voids.

Compatible with all normal building materials and do not degrade under normal conditions found in buildings.

Fire Stop Blocks and Strip will perform effectively for the lifetime of the building.

Fire Stop Blocks & Strips
Fire Stop Blocks & Strips
Fire Stop Blocks & Strips